Next Generation PR World Cup

ICCO has launched a new global competition for PR professionals under 35 will take place in October 2021. The Marketing Finland Next Generation PR World Cup is the Finnish qualifier competition for the ICCO Next Generation PR World Cup 2021.

ICCO is committing to nurturing, encouraging, and promoting the next generation of talent in PR. Sourcing and retaining top talent is something that ICCO members battle with every day, no matter what region of the world they are based. The latest ICCO initiative to support this effort is a new competition, the Next Generation PR World Cup, offering a fresh opportunity for talented PR professionals under 35 to shine.

As well as participating in the international competition, the winning team will have the opportunity to have their idea implemented with the global charity partner and present at the ICCO Global Summit 2022 with travel. The Finnish winning team will also receive a diploma.

Registration opens Monday 16.8.2021 klo 10.00

Registration Deadline: Friday 3.9.2021 klo 17:00

How the Finnish Competition Works

A brief will be set by the Marketing Finland`s Charity Partner Sairaalaklovnit ry will act as the client, and participating teams will be given 48 hours to create a campaign.


The cost to enter is 150 €+vat per (Marketing Finland member) team and 200 €+vat per (non-member) team.


The competition is open to all within the industry. The Finnish competition will take place over 48 hours during working days: Monday, 6th September, 2021, 10:00 – Wednesday, 8th September, 2021, 10:00. The brief is provided by a Marketing Finland´s Charity In-house member and will be circulated by email at 10:00 on Monday 6th September.

Completed campaigns will need to be registered to the Marketing Finland by 10:00 on Wednesday 8th September – in the form of a 10 page PowerPoint presentation, a 1 page summary slide and a written submission of no more than 450 words delivered as a Word document. Campaigns will then be judged by a Jury.

A shortlist of 6 campaigns will be invited to to virtually deliver a 5 minute presentation to the Jury, explaining the PR campaign on Friday, 24th September, 2021.

The winning team will be notified by Monday, 27th September, 2021.

Competition Rules / Entry criteria

  • Teams of two people
    Only two participants from the same company are required to form a team, and companies are welcome to enter multiple teams.
  • Each participant must be aged 35 years or younger
    (born after 12th October, 1986)
  • Agency, in-house, freelance (no restriction)
  • Campaigns are submitted and judged anonymously
  • Winning team will head to the final competition. Only one team is submitted per country.

Final Competition, 13th – 20th October 2021

  • Finalists will be given a detailed brief, set by a global NGO.
  • Teams must send a deck of no more than 10 slides after 48 hours. This includes 250 words on the creative idea.
  • Teams have one week to create a with a 3-minute video explaining their creative campaign to deliver the brief including strategy, approach, and execution.